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January 7, 2017
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Inspiration, Motivation and Determination

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How different life has been since I washed salts and sugars out of taste palette. I can’t emphasize this enough as to how transformational this was. It’s like I had forgotten what food really tastes like and was blessed to rediscover that. One of my new favorite foods are beets. Yes, beets. I love them. People look at me like I have a third eye when I tell them that, but I have fallen in love with them. This allows me to see food and taste food in amazing new ways…because I can actually taste it! People talk about how disciplined my efforts have been – which is true – but once you cross this threshold, it gets so much easier because you have found a new world and new joys. Old habits take less effort to avoid.

Inspiration. Motivation. Determination.

220 lbs

The first time I finished a meal and had a completely different feeling/ state of being. There was an absence of a typical gastronomical sense about the meal. I wasn’t full, bloated, gassy, fulfilled, pleased, or even satisfied. But yet I felt great. Then it hit me. I felt great because I felt re-energized. It was the first time – in arguably decades – when I had the sensation of eating for fuel and for no other reason. It was one of the most natural sensations I have ever experienced in my life, and you want to talk about the feeling of being ready to take on the world. As a “foodie” this was big.

Small Steps Become Habits. Habits Become Rituals.

Rituals Keep You Going.

Listening to my body has become a daily discipline. In what was arguably kind of a “phase 2” of the experience, I discovered what I a-kinned to a gluten allergy. It really wasn’t a gluten allergy, or at least I wasn’t diagnosed with one. But yet, my body suddenly didn’t like certain carbs, starches, and sugars. I could eat them. But then it became a 24-36 hour countdown to fully processing them through my body in which I just felt miserable. That is why the Jasmine rice is in the pantry. My diet has evolved into foods that more easily metabolize.


I discovered that food consumption order helped a lot. Raw fruits and vegetables first, cooked fruits and vegetables second, proteins third, healthy fats fourth, starches and or carbs last.

I did measure my food (not religiously, but roughly) to better understand portion sizes and reframe my understanding of plating and organizing food to eat.

My goal was to have a super food, super vegetable, or super fruit in every meal; and that is still a goal today.

I could go on and on about other things, but I also wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all of the insight into “cell health.” It is my belief that this was a key component. I take my pH level seriously when I look at every day. If you look at the effort to results ratio of my experience – the most effort happened at the beginning and the most results happened at the end after the efforts became routine. I believe that this is because my body was changing from the inside out. I went from 292 to 220 lbs. and can’t believe it!


Thank you guys again. Seriously. I feel alive again. I needed this because I felt dead; but still breathing. This experience has improved my attitudes and energies in all aspects of my life. It’s improved my relationships and my outlook. I don’t feel beaten down and I don’t stress about things so much. And my kids…my kids have a Dad that can run with them and not an old man they come talk too once in a while. Sorry – last moment to share – I went to my daughters elementary school to be a “Watchdog Dad’ for a day at the end of the year. You want a work out? Go play tag at recess (Three times in one day) with 20 eight-year-old girls all looking to get you. Being able to run around that playground and keep up with them was worth it all.

You guys are the best,

Darin Shank