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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here, I dive into some of the most frequently asked questions to bring you the answers to some of your most burning desires. The answer always lies in the question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should we repeat this two- week meal plan every two weeks during the eight week program or is there a new meal plan for us to use?

Answer: This two- week plan gives you a framework for what your typical week should look like and how to use the cookbook to plan out your meals. Of course, this program emphasizes you make this your own by trying new foods and recipes. You don’t have to follow this plan perfectly—the goal is use it to inspire you to put your own meal plan together in a way that’s sustainable for you.

This program is not a diet or a strict program, so I don’t want to make a rigid meal plan you have to follow the whole time—I just want to give you some suggestions that you can use to build your new mindful eating lifestyle. So perhaps you follow it the best you can for two weeks to find out what works, what doesn’t, what you like, and what you don’t like.

Hope this makes sense! Make sure you listen to the live call recordings if you haven’t already! ☺

Question: I noticed that carrots were not listed on the food target (unless we missed it).  Would you consider raw carrots a superfood?

Answer: Yes, anything in its most natural state, one ingredient from the ground is a superfood! We of course couldn’t list every food on this food target! Use your common sense to make food choices—if it doesn’t have a food label! It’s a superfood!

Question:  I have almond and pecan allergies – can I swap out for sunflower butter? Also are the Nordic naturals fish oil pills a good substitute for cod liver oil?

Answer: Yes, sunflower seeds or sunflower seed butter is great! Can you do peanut butter? Just make sure you are always looking at the ingredients to avoid added sweeteners and oils. We don’t recommend the fish oil pills because you have to take about 14 to give you what 1 tablespoon of the oil gives you. The oil will be the most powerful and most affordable. You can simply take a spoonful of oil and follow it with a sip of water or orange juice. You can also throw it in a smoothie if that’s easiest.

The key is always to choose the best source. Cod liver oil will be the highest source versus fish oil which contains a mixture of small fish like sardines and anchovies. The liver of the cod will also be naturally high in vitamin D versus fish oil!

Question: My husband and I have done Paleo in the past and were considering heading down that route again. I am curious your thoughts on Paleo versus your program.

Answer: I think the Paleo program can be great—the key is getting more focused when it comes to upgrading your food choices.

The difference is our plan is it is not a diet but a lifestyle—no giving up anything—just making it better!

At On Target Living, we truly believe we are the best in this space and we have a great team that wants to help. We will answer all of your emails and questions, unlike other companies and programs.

Question: You talk a lot about food, but what about exercise? What do you recommend for exercise?

Answer: The 3 pillars that make up the On Target Living lifestyle are rest, eat, and move because we believe they are all equally important for living your best self. We like to call exercise daily movement instead. Think of daily movement as compound interest, a little bit each day is all you need. The key is to be consistent with your workout plan and find things that you enjoy. Keep in mind that you don’t work out to lose weight, you work out to feel good. It’s the number one way to wash the brain and burn up stress.

At On Target Living, we believe that a well-balanced program consists of these 5 things below. Find ways to move that make you feel a little uncomfortable because that is where change happens.


Question: I had a quick question about wheat grass.  Is the ‘Perfect Food’ powder from ‘garden of life’  on Amazon a good substitute for the frozen wheat grass, since it contains it plus other greens?

Answer: At On Target Living we only recommend the superfoods we sell on our website because of the source and quality. All superfoods in powder form with be dried and aged and won’t have digestive enzymes or minerals you get from wheatgrass that is grown in the soil and juiced into ice cube form. When it comes to all foods, supplements, etc ask yourself what’s the source and where is it coming from? Powders that contain more than one ingredient will be processed and further away from the source versus something that has one ingredient and is in its most natural state.

The wheatgrass we recommend is unpasteurized and is loaded in minerals. It’s the best in the world and comes directly from Canada! We’ve done all the research for you to find brands and products that are superior in quality! They are also items we have grown to know, love and trust, and use ourselves! 

You can find our top superfoods along with wheatgrass here.

The key is to focus on quality with everything you are confusing since nothing in this world is created equal—especially superfoods!

Question: Do you recommend digestive enzymes?

Answer: We don’t typically recommend digestive enzymes since they won’t fix the underlying issue–they will only treat the symptoms of what’s going on. Typically if you are eating real foods from the center of the food target and incorporating superfoods like wheatgrass, spirulina/chlorella. You will get natural digestive enzymes from whole foods and chewing–think of an apple when it starts to brown–this is because the digestive enzymes get exposed to air. I would recommend you limit foods that come in a drink, bar, package or box and start to incorporate more superfoods.  You could start to also take a daily probiotic to help to balance your gut bacteria and digestion but as you start to incorporate more nutrient rich whole foods the less need you will even have for a daily probiotic.

Question: Do you recommend people eat gluten free?

Answer: You’ll find most of the items in the center of the food target to naturally be gluten free. Gluten is a protein found in wheat that lives in wheat, rye and barley and processed foods. As you start to upgrade your food choices, you will naturally eat gluten-free. Most people who follow a gluten free diet don’t know what gluten is or why they are following it in the first place. 1% of the population has a medical condition known as Celiac Disease where they can’t eat gluten for health reasons. The rest of the population or those that consider themselves to have gluten intolerance, most likely just have weak digestion and are unable to breakdown the gluten protein. As you start to eat living foods with real live digestive enzymes, the less issues you will have with gluten, allergies, and food sensitivities. Did you know that 90% of your immune system is located in your gut? As you make your gut healthier, the stronger your immune system will be.

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