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January 7, 2017
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January 7, 2017
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Dedication Pays Off

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by Tab Jackson, Lifestyle & Fitness Coach for On Target Living

I initially got to know Nichole in 2010 when she was looking for a change in her normal training routine and also in the personal trainers she was using. In my view she had become frustrated with the lack of progress and overall guidance she was receiving. At that time I was just completing my certification as a Lifestyle & Fitness Coach, and knew right away I could help her. But what I didn’t know, is that six years later I would still be involved with training Nichole and the multitude of both personal and professional goals that she would achieve.

Hard Work & Dedication Pays Off

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Our goals ranged from executing the proper form on a bench press, weight control, (so that her referee pants fit right), meal planning, sleep discussions, National Physique Competitions, (completed in two) which has now morphed into what today is a healthy balance of REST EAT MOVE 2.0! Without question Nichole is the epitome of an individual who has stayed the course, and been duly rewarded with the lifestyle change that is not and cannot be confused with dieting. Her overall approach to a healthy lifestyle has lead her from High School officiating to Division 1 College officiating on top of dual appearances in two separate National Physique Competitions. (This was the first time Nichole had been in a two piece swimsuit!)

I would be remiss not to outline that Nichole is a dedicated individual who has put in the sweat equity and deserves all the benefits that come with it. Being able to compete at the highest level in sports is a tough challenge. But in the arena of overall fitness and wellness it is life changing. Nichole has done just that in surpassing things in life that she never dreamed possible. With her understanding of coaching and using the On Target Living principles, her choices became better and her education deeper. Most importantly, we established a trust, and a belief that feeling your best takes work everyday of your life. Not just 60 minutes in the gym counting reps and sets, but taking complete ownership and control of your lifestyle and the impending results. It is May 2016, I smile when I see her coming, because I know we are going to do something worthwhile while having fun at the same time.

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I am so lucky to have the pleasure of working with her. What a great person she is!