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January 7, 2017
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Challenges Create Change

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Sometimes Life is Hard

by Dawn Miller, Manager of Client Relations

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I am a travel addict. This past year I’ve traveled to many South American/Central American countries that illicit images of drugs, crime and government corruption. Our media has a gift for painting the ugliest pictures while hiding the beauty of the hearts and walls of the same. For me, each experience in any country, city, or town is beautiful and unique.


Cartagena, Colombia

Challenges Create Change

Recently visiting Colombia, I witnessed extreme poverty sprinkled within beautiful historical buildings. Surrounded by a breathtaking ocean and its beaches, the less fortunate are hard at work here, selling handmade trinkets, offering impromptu massages, selling fresh fish from the sea, and constructing necklaces from shells scattered at your feet. The seemingly financially challenged take advantage of resources to simply “live through another day.” Here is the really cool thing, they do it with passion and a smile on their face. I saw challenges all around me and I saw people rising to meet them.

What I’ve learned most about the people in countries where extreme poverty highlights hopelessness is that challenges create change.

As the manager of Client Relations for On Target Living, a health and performance company, we are dedicated to increasing awareness and motivating people to change their habits. I receive calls on a daily basis with questions from callers regarding next steps to better health. Callers have typically found themselves in an “unhealthy” and “unwanted” situation and are looking for answers to getting back on track. We have the answers, but the question is: Is the caller ready to make changes? Generally speaking, if their health is compromised they are calling to take action.

Challenges Change Us

I was born with a heart of compassion for those who have found themselves, lost, broken, and in situations they never wanted. So, when I am not working, or traveling, I find myself volunteering in the homeless community. We are all on a path whether it is intentional or not. But when you find yourself homeless and alone, the reality is the need to rely on others for a basic necessity: food.

Helping the community

Doing Something More Outreach Lansing, MI

This is an area I often pray for change to occur, not only in the person begging for food, but in the hearts of people like you and me who might walk by in “judgement” without even acknowledging another human’s existence. We can say “It’s not our problem, we didn’t make those poor choices” , but at the core of who we were created to be as humans — we were made to love and we were made to care about one another. It doesn’t mean we have to give money, food, clothes, or our time, but I do believe we are supposed to acknowledge another’s existence without judgement.

Challenges Create Change.

Challenges Change Us.

Life isn’t easy, and the older we get, the more challenges we will have faced. Today I want to encourage you to “take action” for whatever challenge you are facing. If today is a good day, then maybe try and reach out to someone struggling and help them with theirs.

We are all struggling with something, but for some of us our struggles are more evident.