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April 3, 2017

Cha Cha Cha Chia Seeds

Cha cha cha chia! Considered a super seed, chia seeds are loaded in goodness. From being high in omega 3s to containing more calcium than cow’s milk, they sure make for a healthy and flavorful addition to the diet.   Chia seeds can be used a number of ways. Throw them in smoothies, oatmeal, granola, top on yogurt, or make a chia pudding by adding coconut milk and letting it sit until thick and pudding […]
March 2, 2017

The “Whey” on Protein

Protein is considered a macronutrient because it is an essential fuel source for our bodies and minds, along with carbohydrates and fats. Protein is of course needed to build and repair muscles. In addition, protein also creates hormones, maintains the immune system, transports vitamins, and helps with the integrity of our blood, skin, and connective tissue. Just like calories are not created equal, the same is true of protein. In the Food Target, the most […]
January 8, 2017

What’s The Source Of Your Supplement?

By: Kristen Johnson, Registered Dietitian at On Target Living “Foods closest to the source will be the most flavorful and delicious.” Now let’s take a look at the “source” of these popular supplements below. The “food source” is also know as the ingredient list. Shakeology Price: $129.95 for Vanilla 24 Single Serve Packets ($5.41/drink) Shakeology is a “healthy” meal replacement shake that requires you to simply add water to the powder and mix. Healthy? I’m […]
January 8, 2017

3 Superfoods That Will Change Your Life

It seems the word “superfood” is everywhere these days. So, what exactly is a superfood? Superfoods are nutrient-dense whole foods that offer many amazing health benefits packed into a small amount of food. Superfoods can help you to target all of your health needs since they contain the most nutrients and offer the most benefits. They include all foods found in the center green circles of the food target and include fruits, vegetables, ancient grains, […]
January 8, 2017

Fuel Your Day with 5 Energizing Superfoods

Did you know that the way you eat is a direct reflection of your health and overall performance? Fuel your body with the right foods, and your body will take it from there. (Similar to a well-trained race horse!) Here are a list of the top 5 superfoods for overall health, energy, and performance. Ancient Grains Ancient grains have remained virtually untouched and unchanged for thousands of years compared to modern wheat or corn that’s […]
January 7, 2017

Life As A Superfoodie

Life as a Superfoodie & Mindful Living Expert at On Target Living As the the Registered Dietitian and Professional Speaker my family-owned health and performance company–I travel the world-teaching people the secrets to living a healthier, happier, and more successful life. It’s a lifestyle that is fun, flavorful, sexy, and repeatable. A lifestyle that I call Delicious.  As a superfoodie (emphasis on eating nutrient dense whole foods)– most of my day is spent munching on the […]
January 7, 2017

Super Tips For Men’s Health

Rest is the most underrated but most important ingredient for living a happier and healthier life. Most people focus on eating right and exercising more, but if you are not taking time to rest and recover—you can only get so far. Sleeping is the number one way to heal the body and age well. It is also the key to keeping the immune system healthy. A recent study found that when mice were deprived of […]
January 7, 2017

What is a Superfood?

It seems the word superfood is thrown out a lot these days. Did you know that the term “superfood” dates back to 1915 when it was first used to describe wine? So what truly makes a food a superfood? According to the Merriam Webster definition, a superfood is “a food (such as salmon, broccoli, or blueberries) that is rich in compounds (such as antioxidants, fiber, or fatty acids) considered beneficial to a person’s health. Superfoods […]