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What’s So Special About OTL Essentials?

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Over the last several years we at On Target Living, have been on a hunt to find the most nutritious, flavorful, and affordable products on the market today.  We have spent hours upon hours researching, tasting, and sharing all the benefits of these great products and brands with our favorite people. This is because we feel that these products are too good to keep to ourselves and we can’t help but spread the love one person at a time!

Because we understand that “living on target” can take time, planning, and a little effort–we have now gathered all of our favorite items in one convenient location just for you! We call these products OTL Essentials!

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Recently, we have been hearing many people say:

“I can find that on Amazon for much cheaper than what I find it for on your website.”

Amazon, Costco and Walmart are now the leaders when it comes to having the largest assortment of organic products. That being said, would you go these retailers to receive trusted nutrition and fitness advice?

At On Target Living we pride ourselves on providing real life help around the clock, trusted information, and the highest quality products and information available. We have boiled down all of the confusing information from diets, books, and various “health experts” into practical information people can understand and put into practice.

Question: Can I find most of these “superfoods” at my local grocery store?

Answer:  No. The reason we offer these specific brands and superfoods is because they are the highest quality, most flavorful and nutritious versions available. We also provide you with information on exactly what to take, why to take, and how to take these specific brands and superfoods.

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Just like “not all calories are equal”—the same is true of superfoods, especially wheatgrass. The reason we offer our specific brand of Frozen Wheatgrass Cubes is because it contains the highest source of minerals compared to any other wheatgrass you find on the market. This is because it is grown deep within the mineral- rich soil of Canada and is only harvested in the Spring and the Fall, where the climate is ideal for growth. This is the reason why the green color is so vibrant—it is mineral rich and super potent providing a wide array of healthful benefits. You also won’t find this Wheatgrass to be pasteurized unlike most wheatgrass you find in the grocery store.

A Little About Pasteurization

The heating process during pasteurization greatly lowers the nutritional content of foods. Pasteurization also destroys the digestive enzymes found naturally in these foods leading to array of digestive problems and difficulty breaking down food. You may be asking yourself “doesn’t pasteurization help eliminate microbial growth and help prevent food born illnesses?” Most of the time, pasteurization is associated with milk and milk products. This is because harmful contamination can occur in the dairy production from cow feces coming into direct contact with the milk. Milk can also be contaminated from an infection from the cow’s udder’s, which can also come in direct contact with the milk. The main reason pasteurization was first used in milk and a milk products was to extend shelf life making pasteurized milk “higher quality” to the consumer.

When it comes to wheatgrass—there is no reason to use pasteurization since the grass is immediately cut, flash frozen, and packaged at its peak nutritional state. It also has no chance of coming in contact with cow feces or infections of the udders. If you are buying wheatgrass cubes at your local grocery store it will still contain some of the detoxifying benefits you may be looking for but the mineral content will be significantly lower. It will also be much more expensive.

This same thinking applies to cod liver oil and the rest of our superfoods. Not all cod liver oil is created equal. It depends on the quality, purity and where the cod liver oil is being sourced.

bottleWe believe that Nordic Naturals Orange Flavored Cod Liver Oil is the “true nectar of healthy and delicious.” Nordic Naturals is sourced from the Norwegian Seas and is ranked #1 out of the top 10 fish oil brands in Norway for freshness, purity, and highest concentration. More than anything else—we find it to have the best flavor with no fishy smell or after taste. It also has a much lower price point than other popular cod liver oil brands.

With that being said, we hope you will continue to support our mission of providing people with the highest quality products on the market–right from “the source.”