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April 2, 2017
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Veggetti Spaghetti

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Looking to make your boring weeknight meals more fun? Try something new and make your traditional dishes healthier and more flavorful by making “veggetti” spaghetti.  A veggetti spiral vegetable slicer instantly turns your veggies into noodles.  Try using fall flavors like zucchini, potatoes, squash, cucumbers, and carrots to make delicious tasting pasta.

If you don’t have a veggetti maker.  No problem.  Simply, try making spaghetti squash.

Simple Spaghetti Squash Recipe:

Preheat over to 375 degrees F. Cut 1 large spaghetti squash in half lengthwise.  Scoop out the seeds and discard.  Place halves, cut side down on a large rimmed baking sheet.  Add 1 inch of water to evenly cover the bottom of the pan.  Place in oven and cook for 1 hour or until squash is tender.  May need to refill water as needed to prevent squash from burning.

Remove from oven, let cool, and shred with a fork.  Shredded squash should look like strands of spaghetti. Top with your favorite sauce.

spaghetti squash