February 20, 2017

Post Workout Recovery Snack

Post Workout Recovery Snack Did you know there are specific foods that can help with muscle recovery  following an intense workout? These special foods can also help with performance and overall fitness–hence why we call them superfoods. These foods are especially great mixed together in a trail mix to take with you wherever you go.  Click image below to learn how to set up your own delicious and fun trail mix bar.   Many of […]
January 8, 2017

How Much Exercise Is Enough?

When it comes to exercise, just how much is enough? With all of the flashy exercises programs out there it is sometimes hard to see through the clutter. At On Target Living, we have an emphasis on quality over quantity. Just as you should improve the quality of your foods the same is true of your exercise program. Since we are all crunched for time–make the limited time you have count by bumping up the […]
January 7, 2017

My Two Week Yoga Journey

I recently completed a RYS 200 Hour Teacher Training at Zen Yoga Garage in Chicago and am eager to share with you my life-changing experience. It was more than just learning about how to teach a yoga class and learn Sanskrit–it gave me a deeper meaning into life… I also have a new passion for acroyoga. My amazing yoga teachers at Zen were so knowledgeable and inspirational and truly made my experience at Zen Yoga […]

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