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Good Health Leads To Peak Performance

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Everyone in this world wants to perform at his or her best. Of course, performance can be related to your career, work-life, family-life, personal life or everything in between.

But what truly makes a person “successful?” How does someone stand out from the crowd or get the competitive advantage to get ahead in this already competitive world?

Typically, when it comes to having more success, people start with professional development events, learning courses, work conferences or new skill-set training.

But who really wants to add more to their plate or work even harder or longer? We are all short on time as it is and we all have work-life obligations that pull us in many different directions. Work life imbalances are rampant inside most organizations.

So how do we really get the competitive advantage to get ahead in this world? How do we perform better and live a more successful life?

At On Target Living we believe it starts with one important thing:


There is no doubt that health is directly related to performance and performance is directly related to success. Plus, the better you take care of yourself, the better you can take care of others. Healthy Employees = Happy Customers.

I think we can all say that the better we eat, the better we feel and the more energy and stamina we have to perform at our highest level. Plus, research suggests that a healthier body means a healthier brain. And better brain health contributes to better focus, concentration, memory and mood.

And when we perform better we have more confidence. When we have more confidence we gain more purpose. More purpose creates more internal drive.

The Mental Health Foundation reports that when working long hours, 27 percent of employees feel depressed, 34 percent feel anxious and 58 percent feel irritable. So instead of working harder, longer hours, try working more efficiently with better health.

So ask yourself this. What if you woke up one morning with a sense of ease and overall wellbeing? You felt good, your energy was high and your mood was positive. Would you recognize this as success?

In my line of work, the toughest part of the “sale” is convincing a company, organization, association, group or individual how their health directly relates to their performance in all aspects of life.

But why is it so hard for people to connect the dots from health to performance. Isn’t it obvious? If we live better won’t our life be better in every way?

Think about how your ability to perform, lead and grow would change if you lived better. After all, if you don’t have your health, what does anything else matter? And if you don’t have a body, where are you going to live and how will you be successful? Health truly is our greatest asset.

Health is wealth. Wealth = complete & total well-being. 

Wealth is so much more than be financially comfortable. True wealth is about the whole being and can include the things money can’t buy. Wealth is about the balance we find from living our truest self and incorporating a lifestyle that is full of quality sleep, good food, and daily movement. True wealth is having an abundance of the things that mean something to you and make you feel a sense of richness.

Research suggests that human capacity (lifespan) is about 90 years old. Unfortunately, life expectancy in the United States is about 78 years old, which is usually caused by disease, cancer and diabetes. Imagine how much more we could do in this world if we add more time — one of our most precious commodities.

If we know that health is important for our overall performance and long-term success, why don’t we live healthy?


Lack of time stands in the way of our best interests. Our high demand lifestyle and constant running around can make it difficult to live healthy. But we will never find more time. It does not live under the bed or in the closet. We have to prioritize our time and take responsibility for our life. After all, if you don’t have your health, what does anything else matter?

Managing Energy Is More Important Than Managing time

Imagine how much more you could do with the limited time you had if you were energized, focused, and calm from living a healthier lifestyle? Take time to prioritize your health and life will be better in every way.

Simple Time Saving Health Tips

Remember that managing your energy is much more important than managing your time. These simple tips will give you the energy to do more with the time that you have.

  • Daily movement (think about movement as compound interest, a little each day is all you need)
    • Keep in mind that you don’t work out to lose weight, you work out to feel good.
  • Add just 30 minutes more to your nightly sleep (7-9 hours of sleep each night is shown to make you more productive, creative and improve your mood)
  • Take an epsom salt bath. Epsom salt is high in calming magnesium and can help you manage stress and improve sleep.
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day (water energizes and cleanses the body and can also curb your appetite and cravings)
  • Add a simple superfood to your life (spirulina/chlorella is a fresh water algae that is super high in energizing chlorophyll and comes in tablet form for easy consumption)

On the Go Foods for Peak Performance

  • Trail mix
  • Lar bars
  • That’s It bars
  • Fresh fruit (apples, clementines)
  • Dried mangos
  • Hummus & veggies
  • Natural PB & J on sprouted bread
  • Coconut water, mineral water
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Honey Flax Energy Bites (recipe below)

Honey Flax Energy Bites

Healthier “Fast Food” Options

  • Chipotle
  • Panera
  • Any grocery store where your can get hummus, veggies, grab and go salads, guacamole, tortilla chips, fresh fruit
  • Most Walgreens & gas stations have some healthier options now like hummus and pretzel cups, fresh fruit, etc
  • Smoothies (look at all ingredients to make sure it’s real food not powders, supplements, etc)

View More On The Go Recipe Videos Below

How do you make your workplace healthier? Do you talk about health and how it directly relates to performance, productivity and engagement?

Contact me to learn more about how you can make your workplace, team, or group healthier and higher performing.