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January 7, 2017
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Essential Oils 101

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On Target Living sat down with the experts to discuss everything there is to know about essential oils and how they can be used to treat common ailments and provide greater balance. Take a look…

What are essential oils and why are they used?

Essential oils are simply the oil distilled from flowers, leaves and roots of wild or organically grown plants. In other words, they are the lifeblood of the plants. Essential oils date back to Biblical times and have recently become very popular.

When used properly, essential oils can be used to treat specific ailments and are a safe way to fill your home with beautiful scents.

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What does ELT stand for and how did ELT get started?

“ELT” stands for Elizabeth, Laurie Ann, and Therese. The three of us began creating recipes and “blending” oils in 1999. During this time we were enrolled in an essential workshop through our local community education department where we fell in love with the oils.

Left to right Liz, Robin, Laurie, Terri

The women behind the company from left to right (Liz, Robin, Laurie Ann, & Therese)

Our signature blend is “Comfort.” It was the first recipe we successfully created that smelled really good and could safely be used for our young children to help them relax and fall asleep easily. All of the recipes we’ve created (and still create) are based on the health needs of ourselves and our family and friends. We spent many years sharing our products and gathering feedback before taking our product to market.

“ELT is dedicated to delivering the highest quality aromatherapy blended products, thoughtfully combining ancient wisdom and science with experience and passion.”

Where do you source your oils?

We source our single essential oils from trusted, reputable companies. We feel confident about the oils we are buying and strive to find the best quality products available. Companies we source from are Liberty Natural Oils, Lor-Ann (based in Lansing), and NOW Foods.

What makes ELT oils different than all of the other essential oil products on the market? What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Although there are a lot of essential oil products on the market, we feel confident that our products are the best for many reasons.

  • Safety is of utmost importance. Many essential oils are not meant to be used topically and must be diluted in a “carrier” oil. Therefore, we use jojoba oil as a carrier for our essential oils because it has a long shelf life, no scent, and glides nicely for massage. For diffusing in water, we offer pure essential oils to provide the most benefits.
  • Our team is passionate about what we do and pride ourselves in creating products that provide many healthful benefits and always consider the healing attributes each blend offers.

What are some of your favorite blends and different ways to use them?

Each one of us has a personal “favorite” go- to blend that we use on a daily basis.

Laurie’s top pick is the Energizer blend. She likes to use it in a diffuser for an invigorating scent. She also loves the scent of lemongrass.

Terri’s ultimate favorite is the Joyful blend. She uses the roll-on to apply like perfume, and freshens up in the afternoon with the spray. The Ease & Arthritis Relief blend lotion soothes her achy hands from gardening.

No.11 is my go to. I absolutely love the scent. It’s tag line is actually “Rendezvous.”

All of us, use the Comfort blend nightly. We recommend using the roll-on on the bottoms of your feet as you get into bed. We all want to sleep like a baby right?! It is also fantastic in a bath or used in a massage.

If you experience sore muscles or joints, try the Ease & Arthritis Blend. You can actually take the dropper bottle version to your massage therapist.

Can you provide the dosage of how many drops you would need in a diffuser versus a bathtub?

It’s important to always follow the manufacturers recommendation for your personal diffuser. In general, ELT essential oil blends are very concentrated and a little bit goes a long way. 3 drops may be all you need to diffuse a small room.

For use in a bath–always use the dropper bottle version because the blend is in jojoba oil. Simply, fill the tub and add 11 (or more) drops.

Can you explain the different between Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade oils?

There is a lot of misinformation about essential oils out there including words like “therapeutic grade” and “pharmaceutical grade.” Whether or not you see this label, essential oils are essential oils. Although, some oils are specifically labeled “food grade,” ELT NEVER suggests ingesting essential oils.

ELT Aromatherapy Product Testimonials

5 Bandits

“I take the 5 Bandits Spray with me when I travel. It adds a nice fresh smell on the place.

-Chris Johnson, Lansing, MI

“I love using an all natural product to keep my yoga mat fresh, and I like it at the gym for cleaning off the equipment – rather than the chemical laden products they provide.”

-Linda, Munith, MI

“I carry 5 Bandits Lotion in my truck– it’s a nicer smelling alternative to the gel products on the market.”

-Bob, Escanaba, MI

“I use the roll-on bottle and apply 5 Bandits on the soles of my feet to keep my immune system boosted up.”

-Lori, Gregory, MI

Arthritis Relief

“I was skeptical and have been using Ben-Gay for years. This worked as good, if not better and it smells great!”


“I don’t have arthritis, but am on my feet all day at work. I love having a foot massage with the oil–it takes all my aches and pain away.”

-Beth, Denver, CO


“I hadn’t been sleeping well so I tried the Comfort Blend on the bottoms of my feet and my wrists before bed and it really seemed to take the edge off!”

-Sue, Minneapolis, MN

“I like the blend that makes me dream about ponies and princesses.”

-Tirzah (age 5)

“I wear Comfort while caring for my client who suffers from dementia. It helps me stay relaxed, and she is calmer too.”

Sheila, Snowflake, AZ


“I diffuse the Meditation Blend as part of my “quiet time” ritual. It helps me reach a more grounded place.”


I love the beautiful scents of this blend. I wouldn’t start my meditation practice without it.”

-Julia, Ann Arbor, MI


“After using this a few times while I was studying, I started associating the smell with getting things done, and doing them right – I love it!”

-Poppy, High School Student

“I tried the Focus Spray in my dorm room and realized I wasn’t getting up for snacks so often during my study times. It really does work!”

-Joshua, College Junior


I really enjoy using the solitude Blend in my dry sauna. I put a few drops on a cotton ball–the scent always reminds me of being in the woods.”

-Steve, age 62

“I love using the Solitude Roll-on as perfume. I put it on my wrists and behind my ears. It smells earthy and refreshing.”

-Andrea, Madison, WI

U.B.U. (You Be You)

This blend assists in easing frustration and hyperactivity. Also aids in concentration.

“My son’s preschool teacher was concerned about him not sitting still during story time. We started using the U.B.U. roll on at school and I’m happy to report that it works! Jon is able to sit quietly and follow directions much better now.

-Erin, East Lansing, MI

Here’s to adding more essential oils to your life!

-Liz and the ELT Team