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5 Tips for Increasing Testosterone

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It seems like every time we turn on the TV, there is a commercial for “low-T” or low testosterone. Currently advertisers are marketing this message to males over 40. But this is also important for females as well.

What is T or Testosterone? Testosterone is a steroid and healing hormone. Testosterone is commonly referred to as our sex hormone and is essential for good health. It helps regulate energy, bone mass, muscle mass and sex drive.

Doesn’t this sound like things women may want too? Absolutely! Men and women should both get their testosterone checked on a regular basis. Testosterone levels can be a great measuring tool for knowing if your body is functioning properly and efficiently and is a great indicator for overall health.

Men and women both spend a ton of money on hormone replacement therapy. But this is only treating the symptoms rather than treating the problem at the source.

So what is a healthy testosterone level and how can you improve it?

  • Males: 500-1200
  • Women: 30-95 ng/dl

5 Steps for Increasing T

  1. Sleep 7.5-8 hrs. a night
    • Sleeping is the number one way to heal the body and balance hormones, helping to increase testosterone levels in particular.
  2. Deep Breathing (Breathing with the diaphragm or belly)
    • If you are highly stressed the body produces cortisol which can block the production of testosterone. It’s important to slow down and tae a 1-3 minutes breathing break to help manage cortisol levels and improve levels of testosterone.
  3. ConsumeHealthy Fats (Cod liver oil & flaxseeds)
    • Aim for 1-2 tbsp. of cod liver oil and 2 tbsp. of flaxseeds everyday. These omega 3s are the building blocks for healthy hormones.
  4. Ask Your Doctor Better Questions
    • Did you know that acid reflux and cholesterol medications can leach out precious minerals like zinc which are needed to produce testosterone? Also, because cholesterol is the healing nutrient that helps produce testosterone among other hormones, medications that block cholesterol can disrupt hormonal balance. Ask your doctor if there are other medication free ways to help with acid reflux and cholesterol issues.
  5. Strength Train
    • Strength training stimulates fat-burning hormones human growth hormone and testosterone.

For more information, view our Know Your Numbers Handout here.