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10 Things To Do With A Resistance Band

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Resistant bands are compact, portable, and inexpensive.  They are great for those who want to exercise at home, or who like to take their workouts along when they travel.  Resistance bands can be used the same way that a dumbbell can be used plus they allow for a greater range of motion and come in multiple resistance levels. Here are some of our favorite resistance band exercises.  

Wide Band Pulls

Loop band around hands and stretch arms in front of you.  While keeping arms straight and tension in the band, stretch band across chest to engage upper back. Return to start and repeat.

Shoulder Press

Place band under feet and grab handles starting with elbows 90 degrees and palms facing forward while pressing up. Return to start position and repeat.  To increase intensity add in a squat.

Bicep Curl

Stand on band with feet hip width apart, grab handles and start with arms at your side. Keep palms forward and elbows tight against your side, lift handles up to chest level and lower back down.

Tricep Kickback

Stand on band with feet hip width apart and bend at the waist keeping abs tight.  Using handles, keep elbows tight at your side and extend arms at the elbows while squeezing triceps back.


Strap center of band around a partner or poll. While facing the pole or partner, grab handles and take a couple steps back.  Keeping elbows tight at your side, row arms forward and backward while squeezing shoulder blades together. To increase intensity maintain a squat position.

Chest Press/Fly

Strap center of band around a partner or poll.  While facing away from the pole or partner, grab handles with palms forward.  Start with elbows 90 degrees and wrists in line with chest.  Press forward and repeat.  For a fly, keep elbows slightly bent and out to your side with palms facing together.  Squeeze palms together in a fly motion and repeat.

Booty Blaster

Start on all fours with right foot inside handle, opposite end under right hand on floor.  Extend right leg behind you with knee bent while reaching foot upward.  Pulse right foot up for 20 reps.  Repeat on opposite side.

Abs of Steel

Lie face-up with center of band around feet and legs extended and hovering above floor.  Place a handle in each hand, curling hands towards chest.  While keeping elbows at your side, crunch up, lifting feet higher off the ground. Lower to start and repeat.

Velcro Ankle Bands

Using a Velcro ankle band, strap band around ankles so that the Velcro strap is on the inside of the ankles.  Step forward, backward, side-to-side or diagonally keeping tension in the band.  If using a regular resistance band, stand on center of band, grab handles or band to increase tension and step side to side or pulse foot out to one side.

Band Stretch

Stretch the muscles of the hips, legs, chest and back.  By using a resistance band you can deepen your stretch and increase flexibility.  Hold stretches for 15-30 seconds.

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