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10 Pregnancy Must Haves

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Pregnancy is a very special time of life and it’s important that you feel good inside and out. Make sure to stock up on these 10 pregnancy essentials.

10 Pregnancy Must Haves 

1. Lululemon Align Yoga Pants 

These pants are a must have whether you plan to use them for yoga or not. They have a “buttery soft” feel and can be worn for any occasion–working out or simply lounging. The high waistline fits over your pregnant belly and stretches as you get bigger. I wore the same size throughout my entire pregnancy and even postpartum. They stretch to fit during any stage making you want to live in them forever.

2. Blanqi Leggings & Tanks 

These maternity leggings and tanks are stylish yet comfortable. The leggings can stretch through your entire pregnancy and the tank tops support your growing belly while showing off your cute bump.

3. Motherhood Maternity at Macy’s 

I ordered the majority of my maternity clothes from Motherhood Maternity at Macy’s. The options were endless and the discounts were helpful for making maternity life super affordable. From the high wasted underwear to the nursing clothing, there are so many options to choose from.

4. Bio-Oil 

This non-scented oil is amazing at preventing stretch marks and keeping the skin hydrated without feeling greasy. It’s also great to use postpartum to heal stretched out skin and supports uneven skin tone.

5. Maternity Belt

As your bump grows, it puts pressure on your low back and can throw your posture out of alignment. This belt is perfect for days where you need a little extra support or when you are on your feet all day. I especially loved using it when I cooked in the kitchen or did chores around the house.

6. Pregnancy Pillow

The “snoogle” pillow was life-changing for me! It made side sleeping with a pregnancy belly so cozy and comfortable.

7. Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie 

This delicious smoothie provides all of the essential nutrients you need for a growing baby and keeps you feeling healthy and energized.  In the beginning weeks this was the only food that truly made me feel good. (Around six weeks of pregnancy I started to have food aversions and the oatmeal I ate everyday, didn’t sound appetizing at all. The Mint Smoothie became something I craved). I also contribute my easy labor to this smoothie. It was the last thing I ate before I gave birth and drank it en route to the hospital. It’s also loaded with magnesium rich cacao nibs, greens and seeds which helps to ease sore muscles, pain and cramping, lower inflammation, aid digestion, alleviate restless legs, and improve sleep. 

Magnesium is our calming mineral and it’s important to include high quality sources throughout your entire pregnancy. The highest source of magnesium is epsom salt which can be added to a bath and absorbed through the skin. For a quick magnesium fix, try using magnesium oil to spray on tight muscles and sore low back. This was amazing at relieving my calf cramps and I would simply spray it on in the shower.

8. Organic Aussie Bites 

These delicious bites are perfect for on the go. They are packed with all organic ingredients including rolled oats, organic flaxseeds, organic coconut, and organic quinoa to keep you feeling energized and satisfied. These ingredients also help to boost milk production during pregnancy. You can find these at Costco along with their delicious Sunrise Energy Bars which have similar ingredients and tend to stick with you a little longer.

9. Cod Liver Oil 

It is extremely important to supplement with a good quality cod liver oil during pregnancy and post-partum to ensure healthy nutrition for Mom and baby.  Cod liver oil contains the perfect balance of vitamin D and omega 3s (DHA & EPA) that are easily absorbed. Omega 3 fats like DHA are also great for brain health and support for postpartum depression.

During pregnancy, I also found it helpful to take evening primrose oil gel capsules to prepare my body for labor. Even primrose oil works to balance hormones along with lubricated the joints and birth canal for a smoother pregnancy.

10. Spirulina Chlorella 

This Spirulina and Chlorella combo are packed with cleansing chlorophyl and essential b vitamins needed for energy and hormonal balance. They are also high in muscle building protein needed for a growing baby. I actually used these in place of a prenatal multi-vitamin since it contains many of the same nutrients and is easier to absorb than synthetic vitamins. It’s real food versus lab made.