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Kristen! I must tell you that after you left our home, all of us sat around the table and discussed how incredible you were. Feeling a bit guilty that you did all the work, the conversation evolved around how each of us could buy, prepare and eat food that benefits our well being. But it was at a level where you were our new friend, a sister, a daughter. Remarkable. The timing was perfect, and I need to tell you personally how grateful I am to you. My wife, Nancy as you know just finished her radiation treatment and was physically and emotionally drained. The other gals present at this dinner took the cancer journey with her as well. It was the first time in four months that I saw my bride genuinely happy and excited. You touched our hearts, especially mine. If you were here I would give you a big hug!

On a different note, your cookbook it a huge success. First, Nancy sent your book to our daughter Katie. Already she has used a few of the recipes contained there in and loves them. Flipping back, we have used it and so have the other gals. Where most cookbooks simply gather dust, yours is being used extensively. We leave it on our table in the family room and when people come over they too look through it. In a couple of weeks the same group is coming over, and each is responsible for preparing a recipe from the cookbook.

I won’t babble on, but thank you again for being you — you are a difference maker.