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January 8, 2017

Is Milk The Best Source of Calcium?

By, Chris Johnson, Founder & CEO of On Target Living This is a common question I receive. I was brought up with this same mindset that if you want strong bones, healthy teeth, and strong muscles–you need to drink milk! Growing up in Michigan I was raised on the typical Midwestern diet of meat, potatoes and milk. I had skin problems from age 4-22; the doctors told my parents that your son has sensitive skin? […]
January 7, 2017

8 Tips For Healthy Bones

In honor of National Bone & Joint Health Action Week October 12-20, we thought we would write a post on simple tips for making your bones strong and healthy. Let’s begin by asking a few questions. Is it possible to have healthy bones without taking calcium supplements? Are bone medications necessary as you age? What can you do if you have joint pain or arthritis? Think about these questions for a minute. Why do we […]