Module 3: Get In The Kitchen

Part of building this lifestyle is knowing that you have to make mistakes. Mistakes allow you to learn from your failures and are proof that you are trying. I am not asking you to be perfect, I am asking you to be better because YOU deserve better.

The more effort you put into building this lifestyle, the easier it will become long-term. (That’s where the effortless thing comes into play) The process must be a little challenging in order to get a bigger reward. Discomfort equals growth. Breathe into it and soak it all in.

My advice on this program is to eat whatever you want as long as it’s homemade and you are using the best quality ingredients.

Bread has been used and is still used as the staple in many cultures today. However, in our modern world, bread has a bad rep. That’s probably because our bread is full of unhealthy ingredients and lasts years on the shelf.
Bread is perfectly healthy when it’s made homemade with the right ingredients—a healthy grain, salt, and water. As this mixture sits it goes through a fermentation process that creates natural enzymes and bacteria needed to make the bread rise. These enzymes also help the body to breakdown the bread. (Gluten-free doesn’t even exist in these cultures) This whole process contributes to a bread that has a higher mineral content making it a perfectly healthy addition to any diet.
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Now, it’s time for you to get in the kitchen and start experimenting with new foods and flavors. Make mistakes and get dirty, it’s more fun that way.