Module 2: Food Is Love

We tend to eat for flavor and convenience when it is the story of food that is so powerful. We don’t remember the things we buy, but we remember the meals we eat and whom we eat them with. It’s the big picture of food that's so important.
When my Mom first met my Dad, they bonded over their love for food although they had very different philosophies when it came to eating. My Dad cared more about “food as fuel” and my Mom thought of "food as love."

Now, my Dad started his career as a personal trainer and quickly realized the power of healthy food on overall performance, which inspired him to bring home all sorts of "weird" superfoods. On the other hand, My Mom grew up in a huge Lebanese family and spent many days and nights with her siblings, cousins, Mother, Aunts, and Grandmother in the kitchen preparing their famous Lebanese dishes. She learned at a very young age how to make delicious tasting food and the power food played on her family bond. What she realized over the years was that food was the number one way to connect her giant family together because food, is love.

Over the years, my Mom was able to bring these two philosophies of eating together, to make our family meals healthy and delicious and I am so thankful for her teachings.

Join my Mom and I in the kitchen as we show you how to make our famous Lebanese grape leaves.
What I have learned from my Mom over the years is that there is so much more to eating than to lose weight or be healthy. Of course, that’s a big part of it, but it’s not the biggest. Food is an experience that’s meant to be enjoyed and shared. I truly believe that the best memories and strongest bonds are made in the kitchen.

Now, our story starts with finding the perfect balance of eating for health and eating for pleasure.

"If you love food so much, treat it with care and prepare it with love. The offering of food can tell us so much about a person--what they are like, where they come from, and how much they care."