Module 3: The Source

The source concept truly allows you to navigate the food world with confidence. It's a concept that will never change no matter what diet or food trend comes into play. Foods closer to the source are foods in their most natural state. These foods will be the most nutritious, least processed, and most affordable. They will also be the most flavorful. Think of an apple versus apple juice or potatoes versus potato chips.

As you start to upgrade the quality of your foods you will find that you don’t have to worry about counting calories or anything else for that matter. Why? Because you don’t typically overeat healthy and nutritious foods. This is because foods closest to the source will naturally make you feel nourished and satisfied. Here’s an example, if you eat an apple, how many apples do you typically eat? Just one, right? How often do you find that you just can’t get enough broccoli?

You will also find these foods to be the most flavorful. This is because flavor comes from nutrients. The healthier a product, the more flavor it typically will have. Think about when you eat a fresh tomato from the garden or a delicious honey crisp apple. These items will be loaded with flavor and will stimulate your taste buds in a way that makes you feel satisfied.
Also, foods closest to the source will be the most affordable source of "medicine." Don’t waste your time or money on expensive supplements or multivitamins. We don’t eat nutrients, we eat food. Food is power people!

Is Organic Really Better?

When it comes to eating healthy, first start with upgrading the quality of your foods by choosing healthier ingredients and foods closest to the source. A rule of thumb when it comes it organic, is to buy all animal products close to organic as possible. (Farmer’s market products are just as good)