Module 2: Healthy Shopping Like A Boss

Yes, healthy grocery shopping can be confusing considering there are over 40,000 food products in a typical grocery store. We have so many choices and fancy marketing on packages that can leave us feeling overwhelmed. However, 40% of these 40,000 food products aren't "real food." The coolest part is that you can easily weed out these unhealthy, non-food items by simply reading the ingredient list. If the ingredient list is super long or if you can’t recognize or pronounce these items, put it down—it’s not real food.
Whatever you currently eat the most of—make it better by upgrading the ingredients to real food. Luckily, the grocery stores are full of healthier options that are equally as flavorful as the traditional favorites. Soon you will be able to identify healthier brands and products making your overall shopping experience fun and simple.

Reading A Food Label 101

  • -Start by reading the ingredient list
  • -Looking at the calories or grams of carbs, proteins, and fats will tell you nothing about the quality of a product
  • -Ingredients will be the number one indicator of quality
  • -Less ingredients are best
  • -Choose real ingredients you can pronounce
  • -Avoid processed corn, canola, soy, and sugar products (anything than ends in “ose”)
  • -Avoid high fructose corn syrup
  • -Choose only organic animal products
  • -Avoid whey products or whey derived ingredients
  • -Avoid “natural flavors”
  • -Avoid artificial coloring (Blue No. 1, Yellow No. 5, etc)
  • -Foods that don't have an ingredient list will always be healthy (carrots, apples, broccoli, etc)

Food Substitutions 101

  • -Find cereals without artificial coloring
  • -Choose peanut butter with one ingredient
  • -Swap out the energy and sports drinks for coconut water
  • -Upgrade your 100-ingredient bread to a sprouted version
  • -Choose organic half and half or coconut cream instead of processed coffee creamer
  • -Instead of Miracle Whip get a mayonnaise made with avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil
  • -Use organic Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
  • -Avoid processed margarines or butter spreads and switch to butter made from grass-fed cows
  • -Avoid shredded packages cheese that contains corn starch or “wood” and shred your own organic cheese (goat’s cheese is best and it comes in many different cheese varieties)
  • -Instead of processed GMO-corn filled tofurkey—stick to one ingredient organic meats
  • -Don’t choose any “fake” or “imitation” products (these are worse for you)
  • -Choose hot dogs made with “real beef” (make sure to read the ingredients)
  • -Avoid gluten-free packaged products (the gluten is typically replaced by processed corn and soy ingredients)
  • -Foods in the center of the Food Target will naturally be gluten free
Reading the ingredients is way more fun than counting calories. Remember that nothing in this world is created equal, especially food and calories. Ingredients will be the number one indicator of quality.

Join me, as I take you on a shopping trip to show you how to put this all together. Here, I go through every category and aisle of the grocery store to give you everything you need to know about shopping healthy and mindful.

Full Shopping Trip

Cliff Notes Version

Don't give up your favorite foods, just make them better!

Better ingredients = better quality!