As a Registered Dietitian, Author of the best seller cookbook, Target To Table, Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Training & Professional Speaker, I can represent your brand, help you develop content, grow your audience, increase product sales and show others how your product can fit into a healthy lifestyle. Or Perhaps you have an Ambassador Program to help broaden your outreach? With your support, I believe I can continue to spread the word on how to live a healthy lifestyle that is fun, easy, and repeatable.

Forms of partnership include media spokesperson, social media, content development, blog posts, written articles, and live event promotion.


As the Chief Nutrition Officer at On Target Living, I help organizations and individuals improve performance through a healthy lifestyles approach. Our team of 3 speakers at On Target Living collectively speaks at about 150 events per year to over 100,000 people. We speak on topics surrounding rest and rejuvenation, quality nutrition, and daily movement and loop in behavior change principles throughout to create transformation. Our message is always delivered in a captivating setting where we can educate and inspire people to take charge of their health.

We believe that health is ultimately your competitive advantage and that there are certain products that can cultivate higher performance.

In an effort to grow awareness of the power of a healthy lifestyle, we team up with like minded companies and brands to help spread our message.

We promote only the best products on the market in a very engaging way. We boil the science down into terms that people are able to understand. All the brands and products we offer are those we have grown to know, love and trust...and use ourselves!


When you live better, your life is better.